The Power of Your Voice

Our voices are extensions of us, the totality of our being. They let the world know who we are, what we want and where we stand. Our desires and fears expressed symphonically.  

The intention of this course is to help you find your core sense of a “Yes” or a “No.” We can then ease the feelings around navigating between your desire for connection and your need for boundaries. Finally, you will practice expressing this process and say exactly what you need to with confidence. 

It doesn’t have to be so hard!

This course is designed to help you:

  • Feel, Find and Express your personal power
  • Meet challenging situations with confidence
  • Create a life built around YOUR desires

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn helpful templates on how to express your NOs
  • Practices for expressing your “Yes” and what you really need. And clarify what you really want.
  • How to stop going around in circles and express your needs clearly and directly

This is a 5-week course:

  • Module 1
    Voice and Body – Reignition.
    What were you taught in your family and culture about using your voice to particularly express a “Yes” and a “No”?
  • Module 2
    Power and Body – Movement & Flow.
    What does power feel like in your body? What feels true to yourself right now? This will be the fuel and inspiration that you use to form your vocal expression.
  • Module 3
    Shades of Yes: Finding Pleasure
    Can you be in complete acceptance of what you most desire? How does your sensuality relate to your desires? Establish a magical sensuality practice.
  • Module 4
    Shades of No: From Open and sweet to Boundary Boss
    Are you a predator or are you prey? The key to finding your inner predator is to slow down and remain tethered to your senses.
  • Module 5
    Practice! Practice! Practice!
    It’s all about role play, Baby! Practice when you’re safe and with safe people. This will prepare you for real world challenges.  

Family and Systemic Constellation with Patricia: Finding your Power BodyWitch movement class embodying your “Noes” and “Yesess” through song,  movement and dance. Get ready to make Magic!

We meet weekly every Wednesday, 12-1:30pm (Eastern Standard), Recordings will be available if you can’t make it live.
Feb 22nd – March 22
Each session is  90-minutes long.
Total Cost: $499
Early bird Registration Price: $400

Financial accessibility to our work is important to us! So please reach out if you would like to apply for a scholarship position: and