The Body Witch Program

Discover the power to create the life and health you desire by honoring your body.

  • Imagine twelve weeks from now feeling… 
    • You can say yes to friends who want to go out. You have the energy to connect.
    • You are excited about getting a workout in, because moving your beautiful body is a miracle on a daily basis.  
    • ​Sex with yourself or your partner isn’t stress-inducing, because you know that no matter what happens, who comes or doesn’t come it will be ALL PLEASURE.
    • You’re not afraid to say no anymore to anything that doesn’t serve you. Hallelujah!
    • You don’t believe in guilty pleasures, just pleasure and you know that you deserve it all the time! Yes, Queen!!!!
    • You’re more present at work and stand in your power.
    • ​Meet the demands of your household with grace and honesty about what you can and can’t do. You know that your well-being serves the greatest good for those around you, particularly your children. 
    • Confidence in what you eat. You love food and know what you need to fuel your powerful body.
    • ​You can go to bed each night with a mind that is at peace.

Your body is sending you a message. Can you hear it?

Three Parts / Twelve Weeks

Part One

Week One - Vision Download

We download the vision of the life you want to be living and the person you want to be. We’ll make the vision as real and detailed as possible. Then we will know what is getting in the way. Setting an intention for our work together is easy once we have a concrete goal. Then we can discuss how you’ll start moving towards your vision.

Week Two - Movement Programming

In this session we decide what kind of movement your body is craving. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve gone to the gym or even if you’re already working with a personal trainer. We can create and refine your physical experience, so you’ll get to know how to avoid pain and discomfort in your body.

Week Three - Food Coaching

We dive deep into your relationship with food. This is HUGE! It’s not just talking about calories or fats vs carbs. This is where you get to connect to yourself through the sensual pleasure of food that serves you as well as satiates you. There is no good or bad. There is only what you need to reach your goal. Take the guesswork out of eating, by accurately feeling what you need on a daily basis.

Week Four - Mindfulness Practice

Learn to literally embody a sense of peace. This sense of inner peace will become clear and real to you. This week you will discover what you need to get that “happy place” inside of you. This is also a space where you can access clarity and great power. (And you will be using your bonus essential oils that I send to you!)

Part Two

Week Five - Advanced Movement Programming

A follow-up to our first session about movement. We’re making sure you’re doing what’s right for you and how to keep it consistent. Now that you have a practice about feeling good we’ll discuss how you need to move to remain strong and perform for the life you want.

Week Six - Food Coaching

We covered the basics in our first session about intuiting what you need to eat. Now it’s about being able to interpret specific signals like cravings or indigestion. You’ll discover what you need to feed your body so that you don’t have to get to a point of intense craving or discomfort. The science of food can be more specifically applied to help you feel confident and happy in your body.

Week Seven - Healing Self-Touch and Pleasure

Loving yourself is a necessary and uncompromising part of this program. We approach dismantling the blocks that stand in the way of you worshipping yourself for the amazing creature you are. This includes touching and talking to yourself in loving, supportive and respectful ways. This can include massage, foam rolling work, how you stretch daily, self-pleasuring and even how you shower. Every aspect of interacting with yourself will be about honoring you and providing deep pleasure.

Week Eight - Advanced Movement Programming

Further refining your movement practice may mean eliminating some of what you’ve tried so far or adding in other practices. At this point you should be able to sense physical and emotional pain in your body and know how to confidently address it. We’ll further cement daily movement habits that keep grounded and feeling ready for anything! The connection between your emotional wellbeing and your physical will be obvious and within your ability to influence.

Part Three

Week Nine - Daily Rituals Mindfulness Practice

What rituals have you been able to stick with consistently? Those will be the most important ones for us to pay attention to! You’ll naturally gravitate to what helps to keep you in balance after a rough interaction or day. You’ll also be able to craft rituals to help you prepare for an upcoming challenge, so that you can move through it with grace. It doesn’t get more powerful than that.

Week Ten - Food Coaching
  • Food is now a gateway to fuel and to pleasure. You’ll be feeling more solid in what you need and how to give it to yourself. At this point we can talk about the importance of teas, spices and supplements you may have questions about. I want you to have fun when walking into a grocery store. It can be a playground of joy and excitement, because you know you’ll be loving what you eat and feeling good about it.


Week Eleven - Healing Self-Touch and Pleasure

Obviously this is an ongoing practice and perhaps one of the more challenging ones. It’s easy to be tempted into negative self-talk or forget the importance of slowing down when doing mundane tasks. But any time you come in contact with your body can be a time to ignite a sense of being connected to something sacred and miraculous…YOU. You’ll never brush your teeth the same way again!

Week Twelve - Celebration!

This is when we celebrate your progress. You’ll be so excited about how far you’ve come. It’s critical to commemorate your abilities to operate from a place of innate wisdom and revel in the sense of sacredness you now believe about yourself. Why? Because there will be times that you forget and when that happens you’ll need something to remind you how to get back on the path to your best self. We will be specific about what you want to keep feeling and create a plan for sustainability, which will ensure you move forward from a space of empowerment and positivity.

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