Help Support a Wife and Mother’s Battle Against Cancer

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting Lynette Alicea.  She is the grandmother to Kim’s beautiful little girl, Mya.  Lynette is a mother herself to 8-year old Layla and wife to Victor “Glyde” Alicea, founder of one of the most popular event/entertainment businesses in the Washington area and recognized as one of the original B-boys form NYC’s breakdance scene.  But the ease and routine of this family’s daily life has been interrupted by a rare melanoma.  Lynette is now trying to prevail against stage 4 metastatic melanoma that has invaded her brain and bone marrow.

Luckily there is a treatment available to Lynette that could dramatically increase her chances for survival.  But this treatment is not conventional and, therefore, not covered by insurance.  This family needs financial support and is reaching out to friends and family to ask for it.  So we now ask you to please give whatever you can.  In a situation like this every little bit is a blessing. Help Lynette continue to be the amazing wife and mother she has been and an inspiration to all of us in our lives.

Go here to donate and learn more about Lynette.  Thank you so much!