M.E.T. comes to the U.S.A.

This video is of a recent M.E.T training. ┬áKim-Lien Kendall, co-founder of SMARTer Bodies, was there and you can see her working hard in the long-sleeved, grey t-shirt. Who doesn’t want to be able to pump out push ups with one leg in the air the way she does?! But if you can’t it doesn’t matter, because M.E.T. offers endless regressions that can get you to that point. So it works for everyone. If you are interested there will be a Movement Efficiency Training certification class held May 27th in NYC, hosted by the Integrated Performance Institute. But sign up now as spots are limited and they go fast! If you can’t make it for May the 27th no worries. Kim, a certified M.E.T. instructor, will be teaching other courses later in the summer. To get a better idea of how this method works and how some of these concepts apply to you and your health read this post.