Last night hosted a twitter party about yoga therapy, including giving away awesome prizes.  Mel was the featured moderator, tweeter…speaker.  You know what I mean.

If you weren’t able to make it you missed a great conversation about how to practice if you’re a beginner, benefits of yoga and some random thoughts that Mel has about yoga…maybe the only platform where those thoughts are appreciated 😉

Scherrie D.Scherrie D. ‏@S_thirtymommy

@MelMoves I would love to practice a home…just seems like too many distractions #YogaTherapy

AutumnAutumn ‏@AutumnNColorado

@melmoves I want to feel more connected to everything around me, I think yoga could do that. #yogatherapy

Rona BerryMorinRona BerryMorin ‏@berrymorin

@MelMoves Its definitely open me up to trying new things. Like riding a bike. #yogatherapy #chronicpain

WholesomeOneWholesomeOne ‏@WholesomeOne

RT @MelMoves@TheeJuliette It can Try giving your knees a little bend, might help you find more access to your thoracic spine.#yogatherapy

@MelMoves I’m not flexible. Can I still do yoga and get the benefits?#yogatherapy

@DisneyMom917 You can do more than you probably think you can! Do yoga to discover what you can do. #yogatherapy

@Melmoves @wholesomeone I think anything that can reduce stress is a plus for your health and your mind! #yogatherapy

Yoga does not have to defined by shape-making. You can practice by just following your breath as you move. #yogatherapy

Usually mountain pose is considered the standard foundation for all poses. But I believe it’s cat/cow. Thoughts? #yogatherapy

@MelMoves Considering that the spine is the root of the body, you may be correct. Heating up the spine really empowers you through.

@AutumnNColorado Depends on what you want to do. Make it safe, by forgetting the goal of shape and feel your way through.#yogatherapy

@AutumnNColorado Beginner is always safe. I never find it “easy” because there is always a new personal level. #yogatherapy

@WholesomeOne i notice my stress level is less after i practice yoga#YogaTherapy

#yogatherapy I practice at home. Regularly. Changed my life!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and to for organizing the event as well as providing great giveaways!!!  Don’t miss out next time.  Be sure to contribute to the conversation and win your share of prizes.  Or head to

If your question was not answered at tonight’s #yogatherapy twitter party, please ask here  and you will get a response.

See you there!