Dr. Peregrine Kavros, the expert in mindfulness training in corporate and academic environments, will be speaking at a Human Resources convention in Atlantic City, October 28, 2013 – 3:15pm.  We first introduced you to Dr. Kavros’ work in this blog post from May.  She does an amazing job of helping individuals manage their emotions/moods by using advanced neuroscience, mindfulness training and the physical body.  Learning to manage these overwhelming emotions is key to taking charge of how well we interact with our external environment. This control opens the door to success in professional environments that previously may not have been possible.

If you are in New Jersey and looking to use Dr. Kavros’ methods to help your employees or organization then take her workshop at the Atlantic City Convention Center.  Here are the details:

Not everyone can regulate emotions within acceptable workplace norms. Destructive emotions directly impact morale, job performance and turnover. Emotional regulation improves creativity, team collaboration, and leadership. Long-term effects of mindfulness and emotional regulation can result in as few as four sessions of training. Exercises lasting no more than one half hour can be introduced easily into the employment setting and offered during on/off hours. HR Professionals are in a prime position to facilitate these exercises. In this workshop, I train the trainers to help their employees develop these needed skills in mindfulness and emotional regulation.