Digestion Troubles? An Easy Way To Help Soothe Your Tummy!

Americans suffer from a whole buffet of digestive troubles and problems. Heart burn, indigestion, constipation…. the list goes on and on!  So what exactly is causing all of these problems, what is an easy and natural way to help?  Read on to find out!

Firstly, in terms of the basic mechanisms of digestion—let’s briefly learn about a very important word. “Peristalsis” means a muscle contraction that is like a wave of relaxation and contraction of the muscles of the digestive track. This wave of relaxing and tightening of the muscles is what pushes food down from your mouth as soon as you swallow down the throat and all the way through your digestion system. So down the esophagus, into the stomach, through the intestines and onwards until you have to expel it.  Sometimes digestive problems arise when the peristalsis process is not working correctly. For some people, constipation is, in part, when the muscles won’t relax or movement is sluggish. Indigestion is also when the peristalsis process is not working consistently. According to WebMD.com, digestive troubles are one of the most frequent health complaints of Americans!  So what is the cause of peristalsis not working properly?  Well disease, emotional stress, a poor diet can all contribute.  (Check out www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/default.com for more info!)  But new research is also showing that a sedentary lifestyle also contributes to indigestion as well. Dr. Priyanka Parab explains that, “Good digestion requires physical activity or exercise to trigger the release of chemicals that will aide digestion. A lack of exercise couples with long hours of sitting or being immobile due to our sedentary lifestyles is also slowing down our metabolism and making digestion a long and cumbersome process.”  (See her full article here:  www.medimanage.com/my-worries/articles/have-digestion-problems-heres-why.aspx)  So essentially, a sedentary lifestyle of not moving and a lack of exercise is one of the major contributors to indigestion!

So what is a good solution?  Well proper exercise like walking, cycling, or other physical activities helps, as well as a diet that is high in fiber, including plant-based fibers from lots of fruit and vegetables.  Drinking a lot of water helps too! Also yoga and stretching has been proven to be a highly effective exercise method that helps stimulate increased blood flow, aid digestion, and help to support a healthy immune system! Here at SmarterBodies, we have a wealth of experience in making customized exercise and yoga plans that can help address and alleviate different ailments, including digestive problems. So contact us today if you would like some extra help on getting rid of those digestive problems in a safe and natural way!