The Cool Vendors at Fused!

We’ve been talking a lot about all the cool classes that will be happening at Fused!, but there are going to be really cool vendors there as well!

It’s time we tell you who they are:

BodyLocal, a site that keeps you updated about the coolest fitness events in NYC!  Awesome networking here.

Karina Romao, nutritionist extraordinaire!  Here’s a woman who knows about the body inside and out.  She’s also a yoga teacher and massage therapist.  Karina will be sampling her awesome bars while fielding your questions.

Lush, the all natural and vegan body care company will be there giving away samples of their super awesome products. Yeah, now you want to go!

Namaste Book Store, the ultimate go to place for all the reading you need about total physical and spiritual well-being.  Not to mention this is the store you’ll be addicted to for the Holidays!

The local Vitamin Shoppe will be there, sharing news about their store events and ready to answer questions you have about supplements.

Yor Health, the visionary company will be talking to you about their superior supplements and put you on the right track to optimal health., the website that can hook you and your friends up with only THE BEST trainers, massage therapists, skin-care specialists…every professional you need to look and feel incredible.  Sign-up and begin creating your “entourage” .

We may have more friends joining us, so we’ll keep you informed.  Check back!