Leslie Kaminoff Sets the Record Straight

Numbers can be a tricky business, especially when describing the body.  Leslie disputed the ROM numbers William Broad (writer of THE NYT article) used to describe movement in the cervical spine.  Leslie explains how those same numbers actually appear in his book Yoga Anatomy and why we need to pay very close attention to what we see and read.  Apparently, he is even enjoying Broad’s book. It’s refreshing to see respected authorities in their fields argue rationally and clearly.

Also, there is an excellent analogy here comparing the video game guitar hero to musicianship and really how ridiculous that is, but that is exactly how people have been defining asana practice vs. yoga.  Many North American practitioners head into classes eager to do their postures and think, “Ok, I’ve run through the sequence, I’ve done yoga.”  See actually, that’s like guitar hero.  The REAL Yoga (musicianship if you will) happens when one moves with awareness, which deepens the link between body and mind. This linking is not exclusive to asana practice, but asana practice is NOT a guarantee to this linking.  Just watch the video, Leslie explains…


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