It’s so unfortunate that many of us feel trepidation when wanting to contribute to a charity or non-profit foundation.  But the truth is, especially in this modern age of corporate cultures, anyone looking to donate may be worried about where their money is going, if it is going to be used in the way that is desired or at the very least is not going to line the pockets of a corrupt system.  The Marie Georges Foundation is a breath of fresh air and much-need salvation in the dubious world of charitable giving.

Here’s the deal:

The Marie Georges Foundation is a 501©3 non-profit organization that seeks to improve the living conditions of at-need populations around the world. The United States-based organization was founded in 2010 in memory of Marie Georges, a native Haitian U.S. citizen. The Foundation expects to launch its first program in Leogane, Haiti, and to focus on that country throughout its first two years of operations. This first program, Bikes for Haiti, supports the Foundation’s mission by equipping the Haitian people with bicycles and the tools and training that support bicycles as a sustainable means of transportation.

Ed Hall, founder, president and chairman of the board, of the Marie Georges Foundation is also a personal friend of SMARTer Bodies™.  We really do know how hard he works at combining his love of fitness (he’s also a dope spin instructor), cycling and his heritage as a Haitian-American for the greater good.  The reason Ed wears the hat of founder, president and chairman is to ensure that the money MGF receives is used just the way those giving have intended.  Essentially, there is no overhead to pay for, because Ed and the other board members do everything and don’t accept a penny for it.  This is truly an opportunity to be of service for Ed and his family, which means when we want to donate to a charity this is one we can give to confidently.

Bikes for Haiti is their first official project and is pretty cool!  Check it out:

The Foundation expects to launch its first program, Bikes for Haiti, in Léogâne, Haiti, over the next few months. The program will provide Haitian residents with bicycles and the tools and training that support bicycles as a sustainable means of transportation. The bikes enable access to basic essential needs such as food, shelter, healthcare, education, and employment. As well, the Foundation expects the Bikes program to serve as a catalyst for commercial development that will provide Haitian communities with opportunties to own their own businesses.

We love seeing Ed in action on the bike in Haiti and love knowing that his foundation is named in the memory of his loving mother Marie Georges.  What more do you need to know?  Check out the blog for foundation/project updates and for beautiful photography of the positive changes we can make together for our friends and family in Haiti.