See even frogs meditate.

A new student of Melissa’s, Valentina, recently shared this photo.  She said, “Look! Yoga is for everybody.”  Love that!  It’s a beautiful thing when people begin to see and feel their yoga practices in all aspects of their lives.  This observant and sweet woman asked a fantastic question after class, “Why do we do yoga?  What is it about really?”  Oh how we love to have those conversations; as you remember from the posts we wrote about yoga and the state of it in the U.S..

Regardless of the polemics that surround the current yoga debate we want for everyone to have at least tried yoga.  There are so many obvious physical benefits to the practice like integration of the physical body, a better command over your nervous system and the ability to relax, improved balance and coordination…honestly the list can go on forever.  But with everything that could be said about yoga’s benefits they really all stem from the number 1 real reason we practice:  To better know ourselves!

Long-time practitioners are probably nodding their heads in agreement (although, there’s always exceptions).  Newbies may be thinking, “I thought yoga was about stretching.”  Whatever physical attributions yoga may have the core of the practice is getting to know ourselves in the physical, mental, and emotional states that we transition through as we move.  It really is an invaluable practice and words often fail to describe it to those who have yet to experience the magic of it all.  *ahem, cue the song*

Yoga can help you get in touch with your inner voice, guide, intuition, creative muse…all that is totipotent within you.  Sounds a bit cheesy and over the top.  But it’s true.   As Olivia sings, “I’m guiding you through every turn.  I’ll be near you.  Come anytime you call.  Catch you when you fall.”  Wouldn’t it be nice to have that personal guide to help us through tumultuous moments?!  Well, it’s in there, inside of you!  Trust it is there, probably just been covered up by years of experience, drama, trauma and preconceived notions of what and who you need to be.  Don’t feel bad, we all arrive at this mucked up place.  Some of us have just found yoga as a way to peel away the layers and find the bright and shiny voice inside that can make you believe you are magic.

It doesn’t matter if you are inflexible (which by the way SUCKS as an excuse not to practice, so please stop saying that), or aren’t coordinated, or have intense physical handicaps.  Yoga does NOT  have to look like what you see on calendars or magazines.  With the right teacher yoga is just getting to connect with yourself and better inhabit your body, so you can better inhabit your life.   We have an excellent list of teachers for you to find the right one and you could always contact us.  So in the name of Xanadu don’t wait anymore to cultivate a deeper and healthier relationship with yourself!  Move SMARTer, Live Better.