“85% of the word EMOTION is dedicated to movement!” says MET’s founder, Marcel Daane. After taking the Movement Efficiency Training course in April, I have been looking at movement and working with my clients differently. MET’s approach is based on neuroscience. Since, ultimately, it could be said that movement (as far as muscles are concerned) is controlled and modulated in the brain, should we not learn to train the brain? A lof of exercise science that we are often taught is based upon training movement from below the neck. Marcel’s approach trains the brain and our emotional reactions to movement. In essence, if we are not emotionally/ mentally ready to accept new movement, learning is almost impossible. Learning how to work with people from this standpoint has been a lot more powerful for me as a practitioner and a lot more empowering for my clients.

I have found it to be so essential to my own practice, that I am helping to spread the word. This training is open to anyone who is a movement professional, whether that is personal training, yoga, dance, etc. I am co-teaching the next workshop. The information can be found below.

9:00am – 5:00pm
47 West 14th 5th Fl, New York, NY