A dear friend and astounding artist, Kira Nam Greene, is having a solo exhibition at the  Accola Griefen Gallery in Chelsea this April 11th – May 18th.  Her work is astonishing and potent at just the first glance.  Her sense of color and ability to create real-life detail is extraordinary (check out the Kimchi at the bottom of this post.  How is that not a photo???) .  Her work often touches upon the subjects of women’s bodies and consumerism:

Kira Nam Greene’s paintings, drawings and custom wallpaper incorporate foodstuffs and patterns, which are transnational in origin. Appropriating from both Western and Eastern sources, the artist refers, in part, to her position as a Korean immigrant woman in America. Making use of victuals for their relationship to the body, Greene depicts fleshy bowls of kimchi, gelatinous mounds of jello and luscious, ripe cherries. The food, both in harmony and discordance with its surroundings, becomes a surrogate for the desire to consume and/or to control.

If you can’t make it to the exhibit, then check out her site and feast your eyes on Kira’s view of desire.  Your eyes will thank you!