Mel is fortunate to work with a non-profit organization in Brooklyn called Turning Point. The amazing staff at Turning Point help their clients find resources to make better decisions for brighter futures. Services like helping someone get the GED, find permanent housing, improve literacy, and even providing HIV tests are improving the Brooklyn community.  Over 7,500 people are using Turning Point’s varied services everyday!  That kind of community service needs support.  We would especially like to let you know about another essential service that they provide called the Shower Project:

The Shower Project is the gateway to mental and physical well-being for many Turning Point clients. A community outreach initiative, the project invites the homeless in for a shower, change of undergarments and a hot beverage. A washing machine is also available, as is access to detergent. It’s a simple service, but one that is irreplaceable to the hundreds of people the project serves.

It is also a service that brings them in contact with Johnny, who runs the Shower Project. He is crucial in finding them help, first with a shower, then with access to all of Turning Point’s other social services, including education, housing, drug rehabilitation, HIV/AIDS care and prevention, and vocational and career development.

We humbly ask you to go to this link to donate. The link will lead you to the donation page for “DISCIPLESHIP OUTREACH MINISTRIES INCORPORATED,” the corporate name for Turning Point. Your contribution will pay for heat, hot water, soap, towels, basic toiletries and underwear.

  • Donate $20 and provide showers for one person for a week.

  • Donate $80 you will cover a month of showers for someone.

  • Donate $1,000 you will provide an individual with safe and warm place to shower for a year!

Give whatever you can. Every bit helps! We try to practice gratitude on a daily basis. As we rush through this Holiday Season, remembering that others may need something as a basic as hot shower is a poignant reminder that we should not only be grateful, but lend a helping hand. A hot shower could make the winter season easier to get through and help someone get a job or lift the spirits of an individual struggling to stay on a more productive path.

We are humbled by the efforts of the Turning Point staff to recognize a need and provide an answer.