Buy the New Iron Maiden Live Recording of The Book of Souls Tour!

Sometimes you forget about a band that you love. After listening to the live recording of the Book of Souls tour I not only remember how much I love Iron Maiden, but feel stupid for ever having forgotten. This is British Metal at its finest and most essential.  Simply put this is kickass, get-shit-done music. Live recordings can be tricky when attempting to present the realness of the live experience without losing the sound. This recording’s sound is perfectly balanced and its raw energy is pure audio pleasure. Note: I streamed this on my Mac without external speakers. So that’s saying something.

The musicality of each band member is astonishingly clear. The guitar riffs and solos are as epic as the driving beat of the drums. Bruce Dickinson continues to impress as his vocal abilities don’t seem to have diminished over time. There is a literal sense of pure metal power in every line sung. The crowds responses only add to the  electric quality of the experience (as opposed to other live recordings in which the screaming audience can be disruptive, distracting or louder than the music).

My personal favorites included The Trooper (obviously) and The Red and The Black, which is more than 13 minutes in length. That song holds your attention for each second. If that’s not a testament to Maiden’s everlasting greatness then I don’t know what is. Go on, invite Eddie in and catch up with an old friend.