Book Review The Divine Doctor, by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry


While I love the idea of marrying 2 different kinds of mystical studies to create a practice that helps others achieve well-being, The Divine Doctor also elicited a few eye rolls from me.

What you need to know:

  • A combination of Kabbalah and Yogic Sciences
  • The book addresses
    • Why physical illnesses begin
    • How to treat a variety of physical ailments through herbs, food and yoga
    • Addressing the emotional causes of our physical unwellness
  • The Book contains
    • Meditations
    • Prescriptive Asana practices
    • Herbal Formulas
    • Nutritional Advice

What I liked:

It’s important for people to understand that all physical diseases, ailments and conditions have some underlying emotional component. One must treat the physical self as well as supporting the emotional, mental and spiritual self. I loved that the author advocates addressing one’s well being by addressing one’s emotional and spiritual needs as assiduously as one does physical needs.

What I hated:

So much of the nutritional advice is inaccurate and outdated. Most of it comes across as vegetarian propaganda. (Transparency: Mel’s been a strict vegetarian for almost 20 years and doesn’t believe all people will find health on this dietary path, nor will the planet be saved/balanced.)

The explanations given for certain treatments were too absolute and grounded in the mystical (in the video book review I give a specific example).

Not everyone will be able to identify with the experiences this teacher is trying to provide. The theories of Kabbalah and Yoga, when applied to physiology, don’t make room for individual experiences.

Read it for yourself and let us know what you think!