Why do I look like a Picasso?

You might wake up in the morning with a sore back and tight shoulders.  You might even look in the mirror and see that one of your shoulders is higher than the other.  But you’ve places to go, people that need to be seen, and lots to carry with you! So on goes the giant purse, or sling bag.

Too many of us spend much of our time with a heavy bag that we carry on one shoulder.  Often times we favor one side for years.  This is not an uncommon phenomenon.  Favoring one side of the body to bear weight, whether it be standing with most weight on one leg, sitting with most weight shifted to one side, or a carrying a bag on the same side.  We unconsciously fall into this habit and create a pattern of weight bearing in our bodies that causes imbalance and can result in pain.

For instance, carrying a bag on the same side can result in overdeveloped neck and shoulder muscles that build up tone in response to bearing weight consistently.  Other than looking imbalanced on the outside, this can feel like sore and tight muscles that could contribute to headaches, limited range of motion in the neck, limited range of motion in the shoulders and even difficulty breathing.  At the worst this imbalance in the upper body will effect the spine and lower body by creating a functional scoliosis. A functional scoliosis will exacerbate all of the above and cause lower back pain, hip pain, and could affect gait (walking patterns).

The best way to avoid this kind of damaging pattern is to switch up  on which shoulder you put your bag.  If you’re used to using the right shoulder, be sure to carry it on the left.  Be sure to switch everyday and often!  Even better, you might want to invest in a good back back.  Our favorite are the ones with chest and hip straps. They won’t be as fashionable as other bags, but they will distribute weight more evenly and you’re body will thank you.

You could also help yourself by becoming more aware of bearing weight evenly while sitting and standing.  Contact us to see exactly how we may be able to help you create the awareness you need to change your body for the better.