No Time to Workout? Guess Again!

Kim, one half of the dynamic duo that’s makes up SMARTer Bodies™ is a single mom with very limited time for workouts.  But she still manages to squeeze in at least 5 a week!  Here she shares how you can too.  She says:

First you have to consider your situation. Have a 9-5 office job? Here’s 3 ways to incorporate working out while at on the job:

1.) What do you do on your lunch break? Instead of ordering food, pick up something on the way or bring something from home that way you can get a 30 min workout in at a local gym, or even maybe at your office. Maybe you can even convince your boss to start a corporate fitness program at your company. It has been proven to make employees more productive and a lot of companies are doing it. Contact SMARTer Bodies™ about yoga and movement programs for such businesses.

2.) There are lots of workouts you can download on your smartphone and do while at work. So many apps are free or cost very little.  All you need is a change of clothes and you’ll be set to work out in the middle of your day, because you’re bringing a gym with you!

3.) Don’t have a smartphone? Set yourself up with a simple workout. Squats, push ups, jumping jacks, lunges, etc. You don’t even need equipment. Just make sure you change it up each time. Maybe add more sets or give yourself a time limit and see how many you can do in that time. Maybe combine the exercises or start to take out the breaks in between. Whatever you do, make sure that you keep increasing the difficulty and challenge yourself. You can do a killer interval training workout in just 20 minutes and burn a lot of calories. Just be sure to stretch and warm up. Jumping rope in 10 minutes can be a good workout. Just be sure to mix it up.

Examine your day.  I guarantee there is something you can cut out to squeeze in a 20 minute workout each day! What about that 30 minutes you spend on watching t.v. or surfing the internet? Why not work out instead? Even if you feel too tired, after your workout you will feel replenished! Try it! Go for short, but challenging programs to be most effective with your time.
If you have been sedentary for several years or are new to fitness, maybe the above steps are too much. So start slow. Add some things into your day that integrate fitness. Take the train to work? Get off a couple of stops before yours and walk. Take the elevator for less than 5 floors? Walk up those stairs! Are you an at home mom? Play with your child more. Pick them up, take them to the park and play frisbee. Maybe pop in a home workout dvd and have them do it with you.
It’s key to find the kind of workout you’ll actually enjoy or you wont do it. Don’t like to lift weights? What about dancing? Running, cycling, yoga, group sports, etc are all different ways to get fit. If you need motivation from others, find an activity that you like (dance, cycling, yoga, etc) and find classes near your work or your home. Pick a time that you can actually commit to (maybe on a lunch break at work, right after work, right before work,  or on your way home). Pick a location that is easy for you, and pick an activity that you enjoy. Make sure to make friends in class or talk to the instructor. This way, if you start to slack, other people will wonder where you are. Having a social network can provide support and motivate you to show up for each class, whether you feel like it or not.
Don’t like to work out in groups? Hire a personal trainer. They have companies that hire trainers that will go to your office or home, so there is no excuse! Don’t have money for a trainer? Pick a workout buddy, a work associate  or a neighbor who will workout with you and motivate you to work out.  
You only get one body, so you’d better take care of it!