Hey!  Do you know HeyKiki.com?  If not, you’re missing out on what could be an invaluable tool for hooking you up with like-minded individuals.  HeyKiki.com, “is a search and discovery engine in the Education and Activity (Class/Tutoring) Space that connects users with trusted, local instructors and practice partners for a variety of interests. We want to get people out of their ordinary routines, meet like-minded people and be more active. HeyKiki allows to connect online so they can actually meet off-line. It’s simple…LEARN, PRACTICE, TEACH!”

Indeed.  Here’s part of what we wrote for their blog:

This isn’t about telling you that you should be devoting your entire life to yoga. This is about us sharing with you the real benefits of what a yoga practice can be.  Let’s be clear.  Yoga is NOT a complete system of total health and well-being.  Despite the fact that’s the exact message that is sold to the masses.  When you hear that, remember this…Nothing is a complete system of total health and well-being. So, if you’ve already been told that yoga is not going to be the magical pill that cures all, then why do it? While a miracle solution like that doesn’t exist, yoga can be the gateway through which you better connect to your physical body, mental body and emotional body.  Yoga can be a process by which you re-establish a relationship with yourself that can better guide you to a place of total health and well-being.

Want to read the rest?  Go to their site and check out other cool articles and then sign up.  You never know where it might lead.