Squeal Squeal SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEAL!  One of our most beloved teachers, Leslie Kaminoff, has a sequence featured in Yoga Journal’s October issue.  We could not be more excited or proud.  It is thrilling that YJ would make room for a no hands-practice and about time! Too many people are unprepared, tortured and unhappy with the typical flows that use lots of downward dogs.  Downward Dog is not bad; it’s just not for everyone all the time.  Well, here’s a class that still gets you warm (trust us!), muscles working and feeling good.  The class is full of Leslie’s signature breath work and arm spirals.  It’s amazing how connecting breath and movement in his particular way opens space in the body that is unique unto his yoga classes.

Stop reading this (not really, keep reading the blog, but just take a break) and go do this already.  You will not be disappointed and you’ll be feeling your leg and glute muscles working hard while using your breath to move you through the class.  Thank you, Leslie!