What?!  You don’t remember or know about EBFA and Dr. Emily?  She’s only one of the coolest podiatrists, barefoot trainers and human movement specialists!  Please familiarize yourself here.  Once you understand the magnitude of her expertise you will understand our excitement.

We worked with one of Dr. Emily’s associates recently and assumed that it all went very well.  It did!  So well in fact that it was given a write up on Dr. E’s well-known blog.  Here’s a snippet:

Melissa comes through Reiki and Yoga and Kim through allopathic medicine, personal training and Yoga. They both realized that although all of these modalities are legitimate pathways towards healing, but they all seemed to be missing something. “We believe in treating each person as a unique individual and not a statistic and we believe in the person being the one to facilitate his or her own healing.” Considering all of this, combined with all of their studies, they created a method of education through movement that is aimed towards helping people connect to their own bodies and tap into this potential.

Could not have said it better.  We are so happy to help people and feel very fortunate to have this experience/review to share with you all.  Please visit Dr. Emily’s Blog for the rest of this article and check out her informative posts about foot health, barefoot training and FREE webinars that she gives with invaluable information for trainers and civilians alike.