How do you find the will to persevere in the face of intense challenge?    The way in which you handle difficulties on your yoga mat or in ANY movement practice can be telling of how you handle challenges in life.  Sometimes it’s a good choice to know when to back off and take a time-out to change the strategy of how to approach a difficulty (an asana, a fight, feelings…).  But then there are those times when you have to find the strength, focus and willpower to sustain meeting a challenge with a long-term duration.  So when you got to run that marathon, literally and figuratively, what inspires you to keep going?

If you need a little inspiration this should work.  Tina Turner’s triumph over years of domestic abuse and emotional/mental terror can give most of us a reality check and moment of, “If she can do it, then I can do it!”  But to watch her perform a song that talks about dealing with hardships and strife with such exuberant energy can be downright transformative.  Tina and her dancers ecstatically move caught up in a rhythm that rivals any team of whirling Dervishes.  These ladies have clearly plugged into something that can sustain them without flagging excitement throughout this song…which is challenging enough.  YOU try singing and dancing like that!

And can we pay homage to Tina’s legs?  No seriously, I want to move, dance and have legs like that when I’m 72 years old.  More inspiration to keep on Rollin’.  (BTW, I prefer this performance, but for some reason was not allowed to embed it,)