You know we love chocolate.  We have discussed its health benefits as well as shared with you some of our favorite brands and bars (on our FB page).  Now we’re happy to introduce to you Raw Chocolate Love. Those of you lucky enough to be in NYC (RepreZent!) have seen this brand in your favorite health food stores. The reason that RCL caught our attention was not just the yummy taste or healthy ingredients, but the obvious passion that goes into creating this product. No extracts, artificial flavoring, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and vegan…All goodness.


Shimon Pinhas started his chocolate-making company in 2008, driven not only by his love for the cocoa bean but also by his desire to create a taste experience that added to the vitality and overall well-being of a person. The resulting guilt-free treat is representative of Shimon’s education from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and his experience as a Holistic Health Counselor.  Who better to trust when you are trying to be a conscious consumer!? His chocolate is completely raw, which for some, is a requisite for healthy consumption.  Because of its raw nature, Shimon’s chocolate tastes distinctively fruity and the other ingredients stand out to the palate, like a fine wine.  Our favorites were the Double Love with Chili, Sea Salt Love and the Truffles!

What is most wonderful about Raw Chocolate Love is that you can rest assured that no matter what flavor you choose (and there are so MANY), the ingredients are of the highest quality with the single-minded intention to nourish your body and soul. The chocolate content is never lower than 78% to make sure you are getting the benefits of the cacao itself. The salt is Himalayan, and the coconut oil organic, full of tocotrienols (a variety of Vitamin E) and lots of Vitamin L (Love).  Shimon makes his chocolates with agave nectar and was even conscientious enough to address the controversy over this particular ingredient.  He says, “The agave I use is truly raw and of the best origin I can find. Everything I use must have proven health benefits and, yes, there is bad agave out there.  But this is what makes my chocolate safe for diabetics.”

Having had the pleasure of meeting with Shimon in person, we can definitely say that his positivity, enthusiasm and intention to make the world a better place one chocolate at a time is palpable.  “Everything must be done from a loving place and with love,” says Shimon as he advised us to close our eyes and rest a bit while enjoying the chocolate.  Before some of you start eye-rolling at the hippie sentiments expressed in this exchange, take a moment to realize that this may be the best product to assist you in finding a moment of meditative peace. You know that we are all about creating a fully immersive yoga practice that increases your awareness and allows you to experience the present moment.  So we couldn’t help but be seduced by a chocolate brand with the same message.

The next time you need a break, want to cap off an awesome yoga practice or just need to find a quiet moment to yourself, this chocolate can be the vehicle that can get you there.  It is good for you, produced with a care for the environment and fair-trade practices and, most importantly, tastes really good!  Now that we are entering cooler months, Shimon can ship to areas outside of NYC (the heat of summer melts the raw chocolate). Get ready to place your order online at!