True Health through Movement: Three Secrets that Maybe You DIDN’T Know

There has been A LOT of talk in the media about “Good Health” and how to achieve it. In fact, in America it seems to be a national pastime! Shows like “Dr. Phil” and “Dr. Oz” as well as “The Doctors” are extremely popular daytime mega-hits. Health and Diet books are also huge best-sellers, from “The Atkins’ Diet” all the way to “The South Beach Diet”. So if we Americans are so obsessed with the concept of “Good Health”, then why is it that the youngest generation, aged 0-25, looks to be the first generation that will live shorter and less healthier lives than their own parents? America is ailing, even though as a nation we spend the most money of any country IN THE WORLD on healthcare.America is also one of the most overweight nations on Earth. Even First Lady Michelle Obama has taken note and tried very bravely to enact a national campaign to get children and families to be healthier. So why are all these efforts seeming to fail? There can certainly be some concrete conclusions that can be drawn: throwing money at the problem won’t help, and it looks like most of the “quick fixes” like crash dieting, diet pills, and other techniques don’t work either. So it looks like there are some key things that most people just DON’T KNOW, or perhaps won’t acknowledge! As expert health practitioners, our team has over many years, discovered three key things that it takes to develop true and lasting health. We like to call it, “TRUE HEALTH”.

#1 – Achieving True Health takes commitment.

Commitment is key when it comes to ridding one’s body of health problems and achieving a true sense of wellness. There are a lot of quick fixes out there, from dieting pills and other fads, to strange exercise equipment that is sold at 2am on a strange infomercial! Of course, sadly, NONE of these fads work. There is really no “overnight” solution. Achieving True Health first takes an acknowledgment of the particular problem or set of problems, and then committing to really fixing it. It sounds scary, but really it is the best thing that you can do! Commit to change, and commit to achieving True Health for yourself!

#2 – How to Achieve True Health is not always what is touted in the News and Media!

There always seems to be a new “miracle” like an exotic fruit extract or some other product that will magically melt the weight off, tone the stomach, or instantly cure other ailments. But these miracles don’t work for everyone and most of the time they do not yield long-lasting results. An approach to long-lasting health should be specific for each individual in order for it to work.

#3 – Achieving True Health requires a holistic and complete approach.

When it comes to achieving true health, a holistic and complete approach is needed. One that really works and gets real results. This includes both what one eats (think natural, lots of fruit and veggies, little to no processed foods!), as well as how one exercises, moves and breathes, whether that’s yoga, pilates, weight training, sports, or meditation.

No matter what your health goals may be, whether it’s loosing weight, dealing with chronic pain, healing from surgery or injury, or just simply seeking to have a more fit, stronger, and healthier body and mind, our team at the True Health Through Movement Associates can help!

This blog and our practice is dedicated to helping you achieve true health and freedom whether you suffer from daily stress, every day aches and pains or other ailments and chronic conditions.

We take a unique approach with our clients, and with our many years of combined experience, we have helped people from all walks of life with a variety of complaints–from chronic pain and injuries that won’t seem to heal, to terrible migraines, weight problems, depression, anxiety and everything in between. We don’t promise an overnight solution, but what we DO promise is that we will work with you, understand your needs, and develop a personalized and holistic plan to help you heal and achieve a healthy body and mind that you truly deserve.
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