Reebok Workshop: Yoga for Office Workers and Computer Users


Tired of feeling tired? Chronic fatigue is a common complaint of many computer users. Office workers are subjected to 8 or more hours of consistent computer use each day of the week. The demand of keeping the body held in this unnatural and static position can lead to a myriad of complaints, such as:

Back Pain
Shoulder and Neck Pain
Headaches and Migraines
Eye Strain
Painful Hands and Wrists
Teeth Clenching/Grinding

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to fix this! On Sunday, May 22nd Kim-Lien Kendall will teach a workshop assisted by Melissa Gutierrez. From 3:30 – 5:00 pm you will learn how to alleviate your symptoms and reverse the negative affects of sitting and typing all day. Amongst the techniques used will be somatic movement, yoga, breath therapy, and trigger point therapy.

You will leave feeling better and will have learned how to prevent your pain with tips you can use while at work. Location: Reebok Sports Club, 67th and Columbus. Cost for Members: $20, Non-Members: $35 Registration is necessary, please do so by Friday, May 20th.
Contact Anne-Sophie Rodriguez, Group Exercise Coordinator, at or call 212.501.1419.