The Holiday Rush

It’s the complaint heard every year.  It seems as if the retail industry is constantly pushing the Christmas (and every other consumer related big holiday) down our throats earlier and earlier each year. No joking, the day after Halloween I walked into my local CVS and discovered a winter wonderland, albeit made up of fake silver snow.  Wait!  What about Thanksgiving and the Fall?

This feeling of being rushed through the rest of the calendar year can drive us all a little batty.  Most stores you go into now are reminding you of the coming colder weather, the shorter days with less sun and the numerous purchases that must be made.  It’s no wonder that many of us find difficulty in being able to enjoy the fun and excitement that this time of the year used to bring most of us as children.

So how do you cope?  We’re asking you.  We talk about living in the present, being in the moment when practicing yoga.  It’s time to put your money where your practice is!  How do we find our internal grounding and centered stillness when everyone and everything around is rushing by so quickly?  How do we not get caught up and rushed along? Some suggest pausing to catch your breath, taking a moment to unclench tight jaws, and even physically slowing down.

I’ve noticed that I walk everywhere with my cell phone in my hand either texting, emailing, or talking.  This can be quite the hazzard in NYC!!!  Several times I’ve almost been hit by a car while walking across an intersection, not realizing I do NOT have the right of way.  I’m ashamed to admit it’s been several times.  Once should have been warning enough!  Now I make it a policy to put my cell phone away as long as I’m walking on the street and slow my breathing.  Taking that time to feel my lungs and appreciate what they are doing with every inhale and exhale is helping me to salvage my excitement about the coming holidays.

Share with us how you are salvaging your sanity and love for the present moment…even if you happen to be in Macy’s!