An Inspirational Monday: Don’t Stop Moving!

Here’s a fair amount of inspiration to help you start the week strong.  Mondays can often be characterized by our hesitancy to let go of the weekend and start the rat race.  So whether you’re having a hard time starting the week off with excitement or even having a hard time getting into your movement practice here’s what you need to get started.  We have really awesome friends on facebook, so if you want to keep seeing cool videos that they post then you should “like” us and then “like” them.  That being said, Enjoy!

The first video comes from Elephant Journal, which is full of awesome yoga-related news, environmental news and social commentary.  Fun!  This man’s story is an incredible testament to the power of faith and perseverance.  Warning: You Will Cry!

This second video shares the importance of play for the body, mind and spirit.  Again, this man’s attitude about having fun on a daily basis proves that this is the way to total health and well being.  Watch and learn; he’s pretty much a genius.

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