Thirstea Cafe in NYC Rocks!…or Bubbles

Yesterday I (meaning Melissa, the tea-obsessed one, remember?)  had the pleasure of trying bubble tea in a wonderful little spot known as Thirstea Cafe.  This cafe is a must!  Nestled in the East Village Thirstea has a zen-like interior that is simple and clean, making it a perfect set up for the many teas they have stocked to seem like they are ready to jump off the shelves…and leap into your bags.

My man wanted to do something nice for our anniversary and found a google offer for Thirstea.  You might be thinking that this all well and good for tea collectors. But Elie (usually not a tea fan) can attest to the fact that their bubble teas are amongst the best we’ve had and he’s ready to go back.  So please, please, PLEASE do yourselves a favor and after you’ve had a yoga practice (like how I slipped that in there?) go and get refreshed.  I suggest the Jasmine Green Bubble tea,  so lightly sweetened.  Also bought some of their matcha. Not to mention the owners, Helen and Wynn, are super nice.  No reason not to go.

Check out the sweet pic they took of us and posted on their blog.