Amazing change!

Before she was pregnant Amelia Estrella was a full-time, bellydancer, personal trainer, fitness instructor and B-Girl; making good use of her dance major from Hunter.  During her first pregnancy she was put on bed rest and gained 80 lbs.  Before she could lose the weight she found out she was pregnant again when her first son turned 3 months old.  Deciding she needed a change, Amelia went from 279 lbs to 165 lbs.  That’ s a 114 lbs. weight loss in 14 months of her second child being born she. Here’s her story:

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    1. Thanks for loving this as much as we do, Vivian! I gotta admit though, this was Kim doing the interview and agreed; she did super awesome 🙂

  1. That was great of you to share. I work in a call center with beautiful young women with children; and these twenty-something year old ladies should see this video. I’m always saying (since it’s mostly women I work with) how as women they have a responsibility to look good; and this because Women are the visual arousers. Plus I have to be able to carry her over the threshold on our honeymoon night. LOL. Sorry about that. The mental emotional part has to be dealt with-that’s for sure; and so a mental and spiritual health component should be included in a workout program. We’ve all heard of emotional eating before; and no one knows what the other person is battling. But this sister did it for herself. She knew why so the how didn’t matter. She did it. I know her. She is not someone I know in the third person. We know Amelia. God-the God of the Bible bcuz any ol’ god won’t do-bless you, Amelia. — Joey dj kt.FOS

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