Commuting around NYC can be hectic, to say the least.  Although, apprehensive at first, Kim has found that riding her bicycle to commute around the city has relieved a lot of transportation tension. Some of the benefits include:

-saving money
-getting to work faster than public transit
-keeping you fit
-not dealing with angry commuters
-more environmentally friendly

Despite these benefits, many people are afraid of riding in the city. If more people were biking on the roads, however, New York City would become a more bike-friendly city. Because of the storm Sandy, public transportation has been overcrowded and hectic. In addition to this, Metrocard fares are estimated to go up significantly in January. Now is a great time to take up biking. Here to help you dispel your fears of riding in the City is Ed Hall, co-founder of the Marie Georges Foundation, NYSC spin instructor, former BMX competitor  and NYC bike messenger/commuter for the past 15 years. Ed discusses how to ride safely through NYC traffic, how to ride during the winter months and gives some tips on where to find good bikes.

*video shot by Reggie Millionz