What a refreshing conversation about immune support in this short clip. Now is definitely the season in which everyone wants to stay strong and avoid colds/flu/general ickiness. But it’s also an emotionally and financially stressful (concentrated STRESS) time for many of us. How does that kind of stress challenge the immune system?  Leslie explains to Sadie -and us- that it’s important to know how we handle stress.  Also, can you say, “No!”  Leslie says you’ve gotta say, “no,” in order to say, “yes,” to what’s going on inside of you.  Genius!  Immune support (in this conversation) is about getting smarter about what we allow to be present in our lives and trying to reduce that amount of stress, so that we can better handle what is there to challenge us (which is not always a bad thing).

Enough of us pontificating.  Watch and see!